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Experience hassle-free property tax management with us

Rental Property & Airbnb

Rental Property & Airbnb Taxation

Looking for a comprehensive tax service for your rental properties, including your Airbnb rentals? Look no further than our accounting firm. We're the only firm that offers specialized taxation for Airbnb hosts. Unlike other firms, we provide a dedicated accountant with vast experience who will be with you from start to finish and beyond. We will analyze your situation and provide tailored tax advice to decrease your tax liability. After completing your tax filing, we'll also provide advice on how to save even more tax in the future. We're proud to have helped rental property owners save on tax, start new businesses, and purchase investment properties. Additionally, we offer assistance with government grants, loan applications, and tax credits such as IETC and Working for Families. Contact us today to learn more.

Our standard tax service for rental property and Airbnb hosts is available for just $450. We take a personalized approach to assess your individual situation and provide tailored tax advice to help you save money. We will also provide financial statements that can be used for various purposes, such as obtaining business loans or home loans. Additionally, we will evaluate your eligibility for the IETC tax credit, which can potentially save you up to $520 in taxes. After completing your tax returns, we will review the results with you and advise on how to save even more on taxes next time.

Standard Service from $450

- Income Tax Filing 

- Taxation Advice 

- Financial Statements 

- IETC Tax Credit Applications

Subscription Service from $16.50 per week 

- Income Tax Filing 

- GST Returns 

- Financial Statements 

- 12-month Taxation Advice

- Subsidy Applications 

- Business Loan Applications

- Working for families' credits

- Donation Tax credits

- IETC Tax Credit Applications

- Tax Debt Management

- IRD Representation

We offer flexible payment options that allow you to choose what works best for you. Whether you prefer to pay outright or spread the cost over weekly or monthly payments, we're here to help. Our aim is to make our services accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our subscription service for Rental property and Airbnb owners is a comprehensive and tailored solution to help our clients manage their tax and financial affairs. Our service starts at just $14.50 per week, providing affordable access to expert tax advice and assistance.

We take a personalized approach to each client's situation, reviewing their specific circumstances and providing tailored advice on how they can save money on tax. Our team of experienced accountants will ensure that every tax return is completed accurately and efficiently, and we will review the results with our clients to identify further opportunities for savings in the next return.

In addition to handling tax returns, our service also includes the provision of financial statements that can be used as proof of income for business loans, home loans, or other financial applications. We will also assess our client's situation and see if they could apply for an IETC tax credit, potentially saving them up to $520 in taxes.

Our subscription service covers all GST returns for the entire year, regardless of the frequency of the returns. Clients will have access to their own dedicated accountant for any taxation advice they may require at no extra cost.

We go beyond tax returns and financial statements. Our service includes assistance with government subsidies, ensuring our clients are receiving all the benefits they are eligible for. We will represent our clients with the IRD in case of any issues, taking care of the communication and resolution of any tax-related issues on their behalf.

We understand that tax debt can be a challenging situation for many clients. That's why we also provide support with tax debt management, helping clients negotiate payment terms with the IRD.

With our subscription service, rental property and Airbnb owners can rest easy knowing that their tax and financial affairs are taken care of. They can focus on managing their rental property or Airbnb while we take care of their tax and financial management needs.

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